Medicare Acronyms: Defining Parts & Plans

2019 Medicare Acronyms: Defining Parts & Plans


There are plenty of acronyms associated with Medicare, something that the lay person should try to know prior to starting the search for most appropriate Medicare Supplement plans. Being informative is sure to prove to be helpful to make the correct selection and also to benefit from its usage, especially during medical emergencies. Otherwise, it can be really confusing and leave the person with a plan that will not prove to be much beneficial, when it is really needed.

Medicare Acronyms decoded

A letter has been designated for each of the 4 parts of Medicare, namely, A, B, C & D. Also letters A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M & N has been designated to the available Medicare Supplement plans. Then, there is Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans which are referred by acronyms like PFF, PDP, HMO, PPO, MAPD and MA! This can be really confusing to those not aware about Medicare and first time to it.

Medicare has been categorized into 4 parts:

  • Part A: It covers skilled nursing & supplies, board and inpatient room.
  • Part B: It covers surgery, physician, testing, durable medical equipment, therapy and certain drugs.

Both the parts form original Medicare and are government sponsored health insurance. After retirement, in many cases, there is no need for premium, as the person is covered by the taxes paid during his lifetime when working. Again, Part B is considered to be optional. To get this coverage, monthly premium is to be paid that is deducted every month from Social Security Check.

  • Part C: It is private Medicare and is availed against government Medicare. However, one has to be enrolled with both Parts A and B for C enrollment. This plan is also called Advantage plan.

About Medicare Supplement plans

The letters designed as mentioned above are insurance plans that are offered by private companies to close gaps left by original Part A & B Medicare. To purchase Medicare Supplement plans, it is necessary to have Part & B Medicare.

Every supplement plan has been created to offer basic benefits that is covered by Plan A. the remaining plans provide varying optional benefits, besides the basic benefits offered by Plan A. The type of Medicare Supplement plans to be selected by an individual entirely depends upon his/her own lifestyle, budget, tolerance for exposure and health needs.

Hence, the more the person understands about his/her own Medicare options and benefits, the much better position it will be going forwards.