Ways for Seniors to Stay Healthy

With so many outside pollutants attacking our bodies every day, we need to do various thing to get and keep our bodies healthy.

To start, our diets are one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Each meal should consist of healthy fats, protein, grains and whole vegetables and fruits. The portions should be moderate to keep the calories down. Eating whole foods either raw or lightly cooked will help us get the nutrients our bodies need to function.

Drinking fluid is essential for our bodies to move each day. We are mainly made up of water and release fluids all day long. We need to replenish them all day long. Dehydration can happen easily, especially in the elderly. Plain water is the best fluid to take, but tea and coffee are also alright, as long as, it is not overdone.

Moving every day is so important. Having a desk job will not be good for the body. Getting up and walking around for a few minutes every hour is very beneficial. Taking walks outside in nature is not only good for one’s outlook, but gets the heart pumping. Walking briskly is so good for the heart and also for one’s bone density.

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Walking doesn’t cost anything and is one of the best exercises one can do. If you tend to be at home most of the time, getting up and walking in place or around your home during television commercials will be one way to get in some exercise. You’ll be surprised how many steps you can get in during those times. It is recommended we get in 10,000 steps a day. Just doing regular shopping you will find that you are doing so many steps. Add in a walk and you will find yourself close to your daily goal of steps,

If you have the money to join a gym, you will have the choice of using the gym machines to tone up your body. You can even get a trainer to help decide what you need to do, to either lose weight or just tone up your body. Doing exercise three times a week will be most beneficial.

Of course doing all your household chores will add so many steps to your daily count. Put on music and dance for twenty minutes will not only lift your spirits, but help get in your daily exercise